Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One Outfit Three Ways

Versatility.  It's what draws me to certain products, retail stores, and style blogs.  I want more bang for my buck.  A  kitchen utensil that can be used to mix AND chop ground beef AND cold rice.  A pair of shoes that can I can wear to work AND on the weekends.  A style blog that shows me how to wear the same outfit for day AND night. Yes please!

I wore this outfit today.  I have been very busy this week volunteering at my church's VBS every morning and by the time I get home I am wiped out.  I don't know if I'll get around to outfit photos for each day of this week for my summer remix challenge so I've decided to give you three looks with some of my pieces since the purpose of the challenge is to come up with 30 different outfits.  Without further ado, here are three ways to wear a white t-shirt and a striped skirt!

All I did to change up these outfits was change shoes and add a completer piece.  When I put together an outfit I almost always start with shoes that match the occasion.  I want my feet to be comfy.  Then I pick bottoms, a top, a completer piece if needed, and jewelry/accessories if I feel like it needs more. 

(Please excuse the amateur photography. I had to interrupt Mr. How and K.D.'s precious Super Mario Brothers game three times to achieve these bad boys.)

This first outfit is my comfy momma style.  I wore my Converse for a super casual vibe.  I can easily run around with my kids in this outfit, plus this knit skirt from Savers feels like sweats. 

For this next outfit I chose my utility vest and my camouflage flats.  I've only worn this vest a few times and I added it to my remix to force myself to use it more.  These camo flats were a birthday gift and I've been wanting to wear them more too.  When you want to try out a current trend, an easy way is with something small like shoes, a belt, or a purse.  I ended up wearing this outfit out to dinner this evening with my family. 

This last outfit is a comfy one, too.  My denim jacket is like my security blanket.  I feel like it dresses up my outfit a bit but because it's denim, it's still casual.  I would probably wear this on a date night.  I don't normally wear wedges but I couldn't pass up these brand new Toms when I saw them at Savers!  Another casual but dressy piece for 50% off, too! Score!

So there you have it...three outfits from one.  That's three days of my remix challenge done!  Yay me!


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  2. What a cute skirt. And Savers is my favorite thrift-store. I get most of my clothes there.

  3. I love how you created three looks!! I am a sucker for a denim jacket, so that is my winner!
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