Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Summer Uniform

To "style blog" or not to "style blog?"  That is the question.  By no means am I claiming to be any kind of "style blog" expert. I'm simply a woman who is learning how to balance all the different aspects of this life that God has graciously given me. Will I post some things about "style" on my blog?  Most likely.  Will I write posts on other things, too?  Of course.

Today's post does include photos of me attempting some very awkward "style blog" poses.  I did this to share with you that it really doesn't take much to put together a comfy summer outfit.  I wish I could go into detail about all the things I've discovered from style blogs about how to put together a comfy outfit, but this post would go on and on.  So today I'll just start with one of the simplest concepts: the uniform.
I am a middle school teacher at a private school where many of my students often complain about what they can and cannot wear to school because they feel restricted to a "uniform."  They actually do not have to wear uniforms.  I politely pointed out to them that they are required to follow a "dress code" and that teachers, as do all professions, have a dress code, too.  Whether we like it or not, all of us pretty much wear a uniform daily.
As I wrote in my previous post, in years past, my summer stay-at-home-mom outfits were mostly frumpy old clothes that were comfortable but not very stylish, thus leading to a lack of motivation to get up and do anything.  I've learned that in the summer, when I'm not teaching, I need to have a summer uniform, a similar concept to the uniform that I wear to work every day during the school year.  One of my goals is to be able to get dressed in five minutes in the morning.  In order to do this I need to have uniform pieces that can be put together easily to create an outfit.  I guess you could call these pieces my "go-to's."  I can grab any top and bottom and voila!  I'm dressed and ready to go!  If you get the right pieces that can easily be remixed (a.k.a. mixed and matched), you can even get dressed in the dark!
For me, my summer uniform consists of a comfy top and a comfy bottom.  Yes, I know that sounds vague.  Here are some of my examples:
Comfy Tops -
  • nice t-shirts
  • flowy tank tops
  • lightweight casual button-up shirts
I like to get an assortment of colors and patterns and/or with interesting details.  "Fit" is also very important.  More about that later.
Comfy Bottoms -
  • shorts/bermudas
  • casual skirts
  • skinny jeans/capris
Right now colored and patterned bottoms are all the rage; there are so many to choose from!
Comfy Shoes -
  • sandals
  • sneakers (such as Converse, Vans, Toms, etc.)
  • flats
Again, all of these come in an assortment of colors and patterns!  So much fun!


Today's outfit consists of a striped V-neck tee with a cute little pocket detail, white denim shorts, and cognac strappy sandals.  This outfit screams "comfy momma style!"  Just add a matching cognac belt, a brown/gold wrap bracelet, some mixed metal earrings and BAM!  I'm ready to hit the Farmer's Market with the family, watch the World Cup at a friend's house, or have one of my students come over to curl my hair and paint my nails.  (I may or may not have done the last one.)
So do you have a summer uniform?  What are your favorite go-to summer pieces?  By the way, the top and the bottom that I wore today were on clearance and cost $1 each.  The cost per wear on these pieces is ridiculous!

 I'm also linking up with Putting Me Together and Mix & Match Fashion today!  Check out some other cute summer outfits there!


  1. Love this outfit, Iris! Super cute tee! You are totally speaking my language with this post! I want to be comfortable, but also dressed appropriately for whatever the day might hold! Even when your plans are to chill at home all day, you never know when someone might stop by!

    1. Oops, the rookie blogger in me didn't reply in the right place. Sorry about that!

  2. You inspire me with your outfit posts! I hope to continue to see them on Instagram and maybe soon on your blog? Pretty please?