Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Winter Go-To Look

December is here with all it's hustling and bustling.  Is it just me or are stores putting out Christmas decorations earlier and earlier each year?  I wanted to link up my go-to winter look with The Lovely Lookbook hosted by Caitlin and Sarah, but I was sick this week and never got around to it.  Oh well.  Now that I'm feeling better, here's my take:

Jeans: Plato's Closet/Black long sleeve tee: Old Navy/Ankle boots: Old Navy/Hat: Roxy via PacSun/ Leopard scarf: Walmart/Black poncho: Charlotte Russe really old, like 10 years old. 

So ye-ah, growing up in Hawaii...we never had winter.  The coldest it would get was maybe 75 on a dreary day. I never knew what winter really was until I moved to Arkansas.  And even then, we don't really have snowy winters like those of you who live in the northern parts of the country.  Yeesh, I cannot even imagine.

I have to admit, when I moved here I did not know how to dress for winter at all.  I dressed entirely for warmth, not for style.  I remember one of my first winters here, walking across the school parking lot in my sister's snowboarding jacket from her college days at the University of Virginia, wearing a beanie I bought on clearance, long underwear under my frumpy pants and sweater, and frumpy shoes with thick sweater socks.  I walked past one of the native Arkansan teachers who always dressed super cute in her tailored wool coat, stylish skirt with tights and boots.  "How can she stand the cold?" I asked myself.  What I failed to realize was that I was not going to be walking around in the cold all day.  Duh!  It's all about layers!  Cute layers, too!  I really should have paid more attention to that one Cosby Show episode when Dr. Huxtable dresses little Rudy in all her layers.

It was really only last year that I started putting more effort into my winter outfits. Pinterest and style blogs have really helped me up my game when it comes to dressing for winter.  Other than layers, here are a few of my favorite winter pieces:

1.  Boots - When I moved here I only had one pair of tall brown boots that I bought on clearance in California.  Now I own several pairs in black, taupe, and cognac.

2.  Fleece-lined tights - Audrey from Putting Me Together mentioned these and I was sold.  The ones in the ladies section were a little too long for my 5'0" frame, so I tried the girls size and they fit perfect!

3.  Stylish coat - There have been a plethora of blog posts on winter coats.  I realized I already owned a pretty nice black wool coat (it was a gift) and I just need to utilize it more.  I also picked up a camel wool coat with a hood in the same brand from Plato's Closet.  I need to wear these and save my sister's old snowboarding jacket for playing in the snow!

4.  Scarves - These are all the rage so I have acquired quite a collection of these.  From neutrals to colors to patterns, you name it. 

5.  Hats - A lady from my church crochets and takes special orders.  She made me one last year and this year I'm ordering two more. 

6.  Gloves/mittens - No brainer.  This year, I had to buy some that were touch screen compatible though.

What are your favorite winter pieces?  What is winter like in your neck of the woods?

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